Jamunapur Help Society Chitwan, situated in Ratnanagar -11, Chitwan in central Nepal has been established with a motto of changing the society in qualitative way through social development.
This society focuses to reduce disguished poverty and environment pollution and aids something to the fundamental sectors such as Education,Health and Sanitation. This society has been especially established due to the encouragement and inspiration of Mr.Rajendra Bahadur Thapa and Mrs. Crista Thapa for the betterment of the society. It has the aim of catering social services and health facilities by finding out the social problems and social needs. It's special mottos are highlighted below:

» It conducts service oriented tasks.
» It educates people about sources and their benefits.
» It conserves environment and provides clean drinking water.
» It helps people to involve in generating income.
» It discourages illegal sex and teaches about HIV/AIDS.
» It gives information about Human Rights, Child Rights and Female Rights.